Suzy (with the camera) and Tracey (with the pen) Suzy is a cheerful activist, a community connector, and matchmaker. Along with taking photos, she finds it rewarding when she is able to facilitate a connection between people. To her, connecting is all about trying something new and exciting and sharing those experiences.

Tracey believes that love is the most powerful currency we can access. Love fuels connection. After moving to Victoria in late 2013 and experiencing fantastic heartbreak in slow motion, Tracey’s mission is to embody love and bring it to all of her encounters. She is an Argentine Tango dancer, meditator, qi gong and yoga practitioner and is a former Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, a rigorous and detailed path of study of non dual philosophy. A Montrealer for most of her life, she is fluently bilingual in English and French and has been told she has a magnetism about her, possibly because she is a Scorpio or maybe it’s the love. Find out for yourself and learn more about her, visit her website.

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