Suzy (with the camera) and Christy (with the pen). Suzy is a cheerful activist, and matchmaker. Along with taking photos, she finds it rewarding when she is able to facilitate a connection between people. To her, connecting is all about trying something new and exciting and sharing those experiences.

Christy is based in Victoria, BC, she is a freelance writer and author who has a serious crush on words. When she’s away from her keyboard, which happens now and then, she likes to walk the local trails or dance the night away downtown. You can also regularly find her at a café with a mug of tea and a book close by. At Folkalpoint, Christy loves that she can contribute to a network that connects people to their communities in such fun, social ways. Christy writes high-quality articles and blog posts for several private clients, you can find more of Christy’s writing on her Website.

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