I don’t like using public change rooms at the gym, but I’m totally ok writing about my life on the internet.

An anthropology graduate with a passion for the written word, Simone has, over the last seven years, turned that lust for literature into a freelance writing career; she’s the successful creator of Skinny Dip, a sex and relationship blog, and her resume highlights include publications in notable magazines like Elle and Canadian Living, and a syndicated weekly column about relationships in the Toronto Sun.

She currently inhabits a small space that doubles as office and bedroom. But Victoria’s own love and dating guru hasn’t let a lack of space prevent her from transforming the bright chamber, to which she welcomes us, into a wholly livable space full of unique decor.

Filled as this small room is with treats for the eye, it is also meticulously organized. “I work and sleep in the same space.” Simone says of the neat rows of shoes, the tidy desk drawer, the stacks of books, “so it has to be organized or else it’s a nightmare being me.”

Simone exudes the air of one who is, overall, well thought out.  She’s someone who sets out to get the most out of life, and make the best of the situation in which she finds herself, be it an unfulfilling day job, or a tiny work/sleep space. As the pretty, stamped key dangling around her neck proudly proclaims, she is pursuing with bravery that uncertain future all freelancers know to expect.

Though her blog started as a simple outlet for her creative urges, Simone now spreads her good vibes and sound, researched advice to a hefty slew of men and women across North America, and no doubt farther afield.  She explains the title of her site as a sort of metaphor for exposing one’s life online: “it’s naked; it’s scary but also a hell of a lot of fun.”

She may tell almost-all online, but if there’s something Simone isn’t, it’s an exhibitionist.  Though she gets quite naked in text, in day to day life, she insists she’s pretty normal, and not at all a grand stander. “I’m private in the weirdest ways,” she says.

“I don’t like using public change rooms at the gym, but I’m totally ok writing about my life on the internet.” She laughs as she adds: “You can quote me on that.”

Fans who meet Simone often start out with the wrong idea.  When people tell her she’s different from the saucy writer they drew up in their heads, she wonders “What? You thought I’d show up in [nothing but] a raincoat?”

Simone admits that tackling the dating world in real life – tricky enough for the investment broker or the concierge – has an added dimension of uncertainty when she must disclose what she does for a living to potential suitors.

Though she’s currently pouring her passion into her work, she’s not about to turn away one of those aforementioned sweethearts.  She’s casually on the lookout for a fella who likes to go out on dates, eat good food and sample good drinks – someone who is doing what they love, or at least headed that way.

To catch Simone’s eye? “Use your words like a normal human,” the lover of literature recommends to the single men of the West Coast.



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Suzy (with the camera) and Shannon (with the Pen) are both Victoria-transplants who share a love of meeting people and creating connections. Suzy is a cheerful activist, and matchmaker. Along with taking photos, she finds it rewarding when she is able to facilitate a connection between people. To her, connecting is all about trying something new and exciting and sharing those experiences.

Shannon is a freelance writer based in Victoria with prairie blood and a penchant for words. When she isn’t whipping up website content or interviewing fascinating Victorians, she’ll likely be found walking her dog Gouda along the water, penning haikus, or curled up with a good book. Find out more on her blog.