I like doing things that make people laugh.

Look where we are today! The Saanich library. It’s a special day because we’re meeting Gayle.

Look at all these books! Yes, and look at this woman we’re meeting, who is one heck of a shining spirit. We start talking and the conversation turns into peals of laughter because that’s the way we roll at folkalpoint.

As we ask Gayle questions, we hear that she is from Kelowna, was a teacher for 16 years, and that she loves to share what she learns (“awesome” is how she describes this experience). She is a fireball of energy.

From there, we kick up our heels and head off to a nearby coffee shop. It’s at the café that we learn about Gayle’s dog. What kind of dog is it, we ask, and Gayle answers in a very knowledgeable voice, “A Canadian white dog.” Her answer sets us both off into laughter again as she makes it sound like a real breed! Later she tells us that she uses that same line at the dog park – we can only imagine the looks she gets from dog owners!

Once we calm down (aka wipe away tears of laughter) at our table, Gayle shows us a coffee mug photo on her phone. She lights up, talking about her collection of mugs at home and the importance of stopping to relax simply with a cup of coffee or tea. She explains that it is a treat to stop to sip her beverage and that she never travels with her mug of coffee. Ah, relaxation and savoring the moment; we like that.

Gayle is a super happy person – so it makes perfect sense that she describes herself as a “Happiness Expert.” It is her “career number three,” she tells us with a smile and it enables her to use bits and pieces of skills acquired throughout her life. Her company is Simply Fun Life. She describes how it includes living more consciously, making time to add a change within your life, and upping the fun factor in your days. “I consciously make an effort to have more fun where I can,” says Gayle.

We can’t imagine her being down as she has so much energy – oh and her stories, they’re ones you want to lean in closer so that you can hear all the details and not miss anything.

She tells us about her travel adventures, including going across Canada to Newfoundland a total of six times. Her focus on any of her (many) trips is “nature and the outdoors.” She lights up talking about the photos she took when she visited New Mexico. And she’s equally excited to discuss her hiking adventures and music lessons. Gayle explains that she thrives on trying new things – and this newness is what her “passion” is, she says.

Then there’s her painted boob card story. How’s that for a story title that draws you in? She explains her friends got body paint and paper, painted their breasts, and put skin to paper to make “boob cards” for her birthday. Gayle says she thinks the activity is great as it represents openness, fun, friendship, and thoughtfulness. This story is one that women may find inspirational, especially given that many females are uncomfortable with their bodies.

Also inspirational is Gayle herself. She tells us that she is in the process of setting up Simply Fun Life. Her vision is to offer self-help strategies that she calls “Tool Kits” for all ages. Her goal is to give people the tools or strategies they need to reach their goals, so they can have happier, content lives. Examples of strategies are watching your words, altering your body language, or closing your eyes to relax.

She plans to set up a website where she can sell her theoretical Tool Kits and post videos to share her ideas with the world. Gayle encourages others to enjoy life and provide ways for people to “take the time they have now and enjoy that time or create what’s fun.”

We discuss her business plan more as we go for a short walk after leaving the coffee shop. Gayle’s easy going nature is clear to us, as is her fun side, which comes out loud and clear as she stops to decorate playfully a tree with Christmas ornaments. It’s not a surprise to hear her say, “I like doing things that make people laugh.”

Gayle is single, and explains one quality that she finds attractive in a partner is “when they’re interested in you.” She would like to meet someone who is light-hearted, smiles easily, is kind, athletic, and enjoys the outdoors. She adds, “I don’t mind what you do for work, but you need to enjoy it.” She also says with a smile that she likes variety regarding what she does on dates and prefers if both she and her date come up with ideas for where to go and what to do for their outings together. Joint efforts rock!

We’re sure Gayle will have lots more stories to tell you when you connect with her, via the form below. Reach out and laugh with her, just like we did today! Ask her about the singing group that she belongs to, her travels around the world, or more about her Tool Kits. You will likely find yourself as enthralled with her passion for adventures as we are!


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