I like people who challenge me in a positive way, who I can learn from.

So, here I am writing my own portrait! Suzy is over at my home today, and we’re doing an interview – I am in the spotlight. As you can imagine, we are laughing about the situation throughout the hour that we huddle together in conversation.

The first question I receive is about how I slept the previous night. The word-lover in me has no trouble remembering the lengthy reading session that went late into the evening. I had delved deep into a poetry book published back in the ‘70s. Ah, words. I am a freelance writer, by the way, so it’s okay for me to gush about words (did I mention my sarcastic tongue and wit yet?).

“Reading is something that every writer should be doing,” I say. “You get to learn new trends, how plots work [in fiction], and about poetry.” From there we talk about my parents’ support for my writing, which has grown over the past four years that I have been a full-time writer. “They see how much more I have become me because I love what I’m doing.”

The next question is what inspires me to write. It is a big question – and so Suzy finds out as I chat with her on my living room couch. You see, I always loved writing as a girl and into my teen years. As an adult, I took time away from writing to pursue other things and then came back to writing at the suggestion of a woman I looked up to. I recall putting my thoughts to paper and how I began to explore writing poetry again. I felt it was a release for the problems I was facing back then. I gained strength through writing at a time when I felt little upbeat energy in my life.

Today I write every day in my career as a writer and choose to surround myself with positivity. I also turned those poetic lines into my first book “Pathways to Illumination.” I have published two books so far.

Time for gulps of water as we sit on a cream-coloured couch in my house and feel closer to one another as a team. We are learning about each other and sharing ourselves with you. It is a powerful feeling.

Oh yes, more questions about… me! Here are answers for you: I was born in Burnaby, I grew up in Victoria, and I hope to travel to Toronto sometime to explore the creative scene there. Suzy says she will kick my butt in gear to get to Toronto, so I have a feeling that going there will be a goal that I meet soon!

Our conversation then turns to the topic of change and how I believe that life is composed of a series of choices. If you don’t like that 9-5 job you are doing then take the reins and change it, I say. Or create your job, I add, with a smile, as that’s exactly what I did years ago. Now I write blog posts and static web pages for business clients around the world on a full-time basis.

“It’s not easy, but you can do it,” I say, in regards to changing your career to make it one that you enjoy doing. “It’s your life, and you only live once.”

As a writer, I live for the moments when I am so into what I am creating that my fingers move with fury over the keyboard, hardly able to keep up with my thoughts. “I lose track of time” and tune out any noises around me. It is an amazing feeling, and that is when I know that being a writer is what I am meant to do.

Speaking of home, Suzy looks around and says how tidy it is at my place. I nod and explain that I do keep it fairly clean but that I made an extra effort today as I knew she would be here… with a camera! Need I say more?

The questions then turn to how I unwind or de-stress. Going for walks is a great way to do so, I explain, and I am a fan of the Galloping Goose Trail. I like to be in nature and often head to the water, which I can reach via the trail. The water centres me, I explain, perhaps because “it is very basic and natural.” It reminds me of where I am, in such a beautiful city, and all that I have to be grateful for.

This part of the conversation inspires us to head out to the Galloping Goose, right here and now. The camera lens appears again as we walk along the trail and then stop on a bridge. The talk moves to my life as a single gal and I explain that I’m on the dating scene. What type of guy am I looking for? A man who I can have an intelligent conversation with is important, I say. “I like people who challenge me in a positive way, who I can learn from.” An optimistic person with a sense of humour is great, in my opinion.

Speaking of humour, as we stand on the bridge I hear the directions to strut like a model, and I giggle as I can be less than coordinated sometimes. I feel my hair being pulled in the wind and flick it out of my face as I hear the camera snapping photos again and again.

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Suzy (with the camera) and Christy (with the pen). Suzy is a cheerful activist, and matchmaker. Along with taking photos, she finds it rewarding when she is able to facilitate a connection between people. To her, connecting is all about trying something new and exciting and sharing those experiences.

Christy is based in Victoria, BC, she is a freelance writer and author who has a serious crush on words. When she’s away from her keyboard, which happens now and then, she likes to walk the local trails or dance the night away downtown. You can also regularly find her at a café with a mug of tea and a book close by. At Folkalpoint, Christy loves that she can contribute to a network that connects people to their communities in such fun, social ways. Christy writes high-quality articles and blog posts for several private clients, you can find more of Christy’s writing on her Website.