I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Chris welcomes us into her home, with her phone in one hand and a big smile on her face. As she leads us through to the kitchen, where we plan to chat and catch up, she mouths to us that it is a friend she is helping on her cell. We nod understandingly – Chris is on friendship duty.

We sit at her kitchen table and watch her float around the room while she talks with her friend. It’s like she’s gliding on roller skates.

When she hangs up the phone, soon after, we engage in a conversation about her childhood – and a lot of stories fly that we didn’t see coming.

Chris moves around the kitchen, talks, listens, makes tea for us, and looks ultra-cute (we’re just sayin’). Yup, we just met Wonder Woman.

This super sexy femme starts to open up as she grabs a chair to join us at the table. She tells us a bit about her childhood. She is born in Edmonton and when she was five, her family moved to an acreage in Northern Alberta. Oh, okay, she was a prairie gal!

As for what Chris enjoyed doing as a youngster, she is quick to tell us. She explains there was always something fun to do. She built stuff with her dad, took long bike rides, built forts (can we make one now?!), chased cows, and rode horses. One time, she says, “I almost got knocked over by a horse sleigh that my dad had built.” We pause, reveling in the real-life shock and awe moment. Uh, what do you mean, Chris?

She then tells how her dad built this cool-looking horse sleigh, and she went out to try it for the first time. Chris is getting excited – we can hear it in her voice. She says she was sitting on top of the sleigh, but the horse decided it was done pulling her and this wooden thing. So, that was that; the horse ran away and took the whole thing with it! Somehow she managed to get off before the horse run her over. Well, maybe that was fun – it sounds like she thought it was!

All this time she has a huge smile on her face (Oh that Wonder Woman, keeping us on our toes). She tells us, “We had a lot of fun growing up on that acreage. Life was great on the farm. I played a lot of sports, like volleyball, basketball, and broomball.” What…? What the duck is broomball?

Chris pulls out a piece of paper and starts sketching the sport. We’re impressed. She is so creative. Later, Chris walks us through her home and shows us the cool art projects that she is creating at the moment. Hello talent!

So then we ask her, what is your passion? Besides romance, we mean (we’re smiling mischievously). She explains that she loves making art, anything crafty really. She also likes going camping and day adventures. Learning and doing new things are high on her list of plaything, like going to a place where I have never been or a bike ride with friends in the afternoon.

Curious us (bwahaha), we then ask her whether she likes to go out on the town. Do you like to go to the local clubs and bars, do ya? She answer is that she likes to have drinks with friends or go dancing once in a while. Her music of choice is… you name it! A heck of a lot of different kinds. “Blues Country is cool,” she says, “but I am not into Rap. One day I am going to learn how to swing dance.”

Let’s get more serious. What has been the toughest part of Chris’ life? She candidly tells us it has been losing her dad. Watching her mom and how the dynamics of the family have changed has been tough, she says. “It was really hard to lose my dad and not being able to help when he was sick.”

As for what she cherishes the most in life, Chris is eager to say it is her family and friendships. A good laugh and silly moments with people! Yup, life’s too short to be serious all the time. We agree.

We ask her one last question: If you could travel anywhere today, where would you go? “Thailand. I would probably just stay there forever if I could.”

During the day, we drank so many cups of hazelnut coffee that we swear we spent half the time climbing walls on a major caffeine fix! That’s okay though as the other half of the day was spent laughing with Chris. OK, let’s focus here.

There is one more thing we like you to know about her.  Chris wants to meet a guy who is nice and funny. Let us tell you a bit more. She wants someone who can carry a conversation and has a kind personality. If you think you can make her laugh too then stop reading this post and fill out the form below to meet her!

How can we make these even clearer? If we were you right now, we would make ourselves available for this Wonder Woman. She just might become your new favorite superhero.


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