Everything is possible on the Playground of Love.

When I think about the concept of Love that my parents and grandparents lived by, including marriage, domestic happiness, and a detached house in the suburb, I get feelings of inflexibility. It’s all good if you like it and want to live your life like that. I am not saying it is wrong. We have the luxury and freedom to explore different concepts nowadays, at least more openly than in the past. Or is it just another way of receiving Love?

Monogamy, Mingle, or Polyamory. Everything is possible on the Playground of Love, a place that we are so desperately looking to find. Love and the Luck that comes with it is lying around everywhere. Dating Sites, Craigslist, and even the Streets have it. Well, that may sound extremely cool, like everything when we are hunting for Luck. And it is easy to ignore the downside of it.

The idea of Self Realization kicks in, and we are after something. Something that will make us feel complete or satisfy our needs. A dungeon – that is our concept of Love, in some cases. Or perhaps it is an Imaginary Drug for a few endorphins. An Accessory to decorate our lives with, the Folkalpoint in our lives that completes our self-realization.

On our way to find luck, through dating apps and clubs, is Love just an instrument to find complete satisfaction in self-realization? It is a lifestyle that our generation chases after. But that has nothing to do with freedom and just turns us into slaves to ourselves. How are we ever going to be able to Love and Live freely if we are after something that is so exaggerated? Like an Instagram-filtered portion of luck served on a vintage tablet.

Our Love is hidden behind a curtain of high expectations, projections, and conditions that satisfy the Ego. It is far away from what we have created in our mind and what we hope to receive, as well as what we think will bring us fulfillment in Life. Love is something we can really just find within ourselves. How much more free could we be if we would empty that bin and understand that no form or construct of what is a relationship will ever satisfy us if we have not found true satisfaction in ourselves?

It is time to awaken from this idea and let go of our self-focused nature that is ruled by jealousy, possessiveness, and greed. Only then we will we be able to find freedom and open Love, which we are ultimately seeking.

About the Author



Suzy is a cheerful activist, and matchmaker. Along with taking photos, she finds it rewarding when she is able to facilitate a connection between people. To her, connecting is all about trying something new and exciting and sharing those experiences. “Go out and explore this great big world and come back and encourage others to do the same!”