Some of the best things in life are free.

You might think that street art is damaging or polluting and that it does not belong here. Well, that’s you. Some people might instead say, that’s art, and I really enjoy it.

We live in a city where most of the buildings are built for us. There are places we call home and buildings where we get to work, exercise, or learn new things within their walls. Roads fill in the gaps and decide where we can go next. Some parks let us get in touch with nature, see small animals, and even a dog park to let these guys run around like in the old days. I say Art is everywhere.

What about you? Do you have a message to share or want to contribute your skills with your fellow urbanites?

I ask you, what makes a city your city? Is it the people that live there? Is it the buildings, culture, events, or a mix of all of these concepts? Have you ever wondered how you can live in a city yet not know your neighbors? The next time you go out and make some art, let us know. We want to hear your story and see the artwork surrounding it.

About the Author



Suzy is a cheerful activist, and matchmaker. Along with taking photos, she finds it rewarding when she is able to facilitate a connection between people. To her, connecting is all about trying something new and exciting and sharing those experiences. “Go out and explore this great big world and come back and encourage others to do the same!”